Prototyping Services

CyberHedz Technologies offers a range of prototyping services to assist everyone from the military, to schools, to private makerspaces. We can provide you with a complete prototype from start to finish with all of our services. Each of our services are offered independently, however please contact us if you require multiple services. At CyberHedz Technologies we strive to be on the cutting edge of price, performance, and quality.


Our facility houses an incredible 20 micron resolution Fused Deposition Modeling printer(FDM) with a build area just under one cubic foot (230 x 225 x 205 mm). With our 3D printer, we can provide any physical object you design for the fraction of production costs, enabling you to verify the prototypes before you send it off for mainstream production.


Our Next service is PCB design, where we can assist or even build from scratch, any design or concept electronic you may need. We have two Electrical Engineers on staff that are ready to help you take your prototypes to the next level with professional grade PCB design.


As a final process to our prototyping offerings, CyberHedz Technologies can perform Small Batch Assembly of circuit boards. Using professional grade equipment we are able to place components as small as 0402, as well as QFP's, BGA's, and other fine pitch IC's.


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