Small Batch Assembly

Small Batch Assembly is a low-volume, no-frills, electronics assembly service. CyberHedz Technologies offers this service to Makers, Educators, DIY, Researchers, and EE professionals; anyone needing a low-volume of circuit boards assembled. While we do offer up to a maximum of 100 boards, please keep in mind the processing time required for this large of a run. We do allow through-hole parts assembly for an additional charge.  In order to keep costs down, we suggest using SMD components on all available parts. We are able  to place parts as small as 0402 as well as SOP, QFP, and BGA IC's. Metal stencils are preferred and must be provided by the customer  in order for proper placement of parts (300mmx400mm frame). Kapton stencils can be accepted on boards with components no smaller than 0603 for an additional fee.


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