About CyberHedz Technologies


CyberHedz Technologies was founded in 2014 by Samuel Presgraves to provide a platform for him to share his personal knowledge and passion for cutting edge technology with the public. From an early age, Samuel fostered an interest in electronics and communication technology, eventually turning his interest into a respectable career in the network security and consulting world over the last 15 years.

Samuel began his professional career serving as an Active Duty Communications Operator in the United States Air Force, stationed at Langley AFB, in Hampton, Virginia. Following his military service, Samuel sought out opportunities in the contracting side of the military/defense sectors, and later commercial industries. Samuel has served as head of IT for the Norfolk International Airport Authority, several engineering, security, and architecture roles for various government agencies. Most recently, Samuel has been a reliable and trustworthy asset to the Intel Security Group (formerly McAfee, Inc.) as an Enterprise Architect focusing on network security and boundary protection.

Now, Samuel seeks to leverage his expertise and vision to explore possibilities within the technology sector that are innovative and groundbreaking. With an avid love for security and new technology, CyberHedz Technologies will change the vision of the future, one device at a time.