Laser Engraving Services

CyberHedz Technologies brings laser engraving and cutting to its customers in an affordable and accessible method, providing clients the ability to design and prototype their designs without having to purchase expensive equipment. At CyberHedz Technologies, we can engrave and/or cut your design in any of the methods listed below, and ship them to you worldwide. 

Award Engraving

Engrave custom awards and recognition products from acrylic, marble, brass, crystal and many more materials.

Laser engraving awards

Wood Engraving and Cutting

From cabinetry to model making to photo frames, the laser is used throughout the wood industry with stunning results.

Laser engraving wood

Glass Engraving and Etching

Whether laser etching beer mugs, wine bottles, frames or awards, glass engraving produces an elegant look.

Glass etching with a laser

Signage Cutting and Engraving

Create custom 3D lettering and architectural signs from acrylic, wood and plastic.

Using a laser for creating signage.

Barcode ID Laser Etching and Marking

A laser is the ideal choice for barcode engraving and etching. Easy to setup, quick, custom engraving of a variety of barcodes.

Barcode engraving with a laser.

UID Laser Marking

Find out how Unique Identification programs use lasers for identification and traceability of government inventories.

Creating UID markings with a laser.

Personal Electronics Device Engraving

Engraving custom graphics on MP3 players, iPods, iPads, laptops, and cell phones is an incredibly profitable application and use for the laser engraver.

Electronics engraving with a laser.

Gunstock Engraving and Checkering

Lasers make it easy to customize gun stocks, grips, scopes, slides and barrels with checkering patterns, logos, and initials of customers.

Gunstock engraving with a laser.

Laptop Engraving

Engrave custom laptop covers for your customers using their own designs. Create stunning results on all types of laptops.

Laser engraving laptops.

Fabric Engraving

Etch designs in natural and synthetic fabrics with your own designs. Easily etch any image into cotton, twill, leather, and more.

Fabric engraving with a laser system.

Fabric and Applique Cutting

Create a seared edge on your fabric cuts with the highly accurate precision of a laser cutting out your custom designs.

Laser cutting fabric appliques.

Laser Marking Plastics

Mark engineered plastics, creating a contrasting logo, barcode, or serial number on your plastic parts.

Laser marking plastic parts and tools.

All laser jobs are made to order.


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