Operational Security

CyberHedz Technologies will answer your surveillance needs with industry leading IP based camera networks. No matter if you need a single camera for an office, or 500 cameras for your entire campus, we can build a custom solution for you. CyberHedz Technologies offers several different models of cameras that offer HD video, night vision, and motion control. Our retention devices range from a small home router sized appliance capable of managing up to 50 cameras and 500GB of storage, up to a full scale surveillance server with almost unlimited camera control and storage limits you define.  Let us know your retention policy and coverage requirements so  that we can build you the security solution tailored to your needs. We offer easy, straight forward solutions that will not only enhance your security posture, but will also increase productivity by eliminating the mundane tasks normally associated with surveillance management.  Individual cameras and recording equipment are available in our store or please feel free to call or contact us using the  link below for custom quotes.

Seeing without eyes was previously only a factor for Science Fiction and Hollywood, now its a reality.  With CyberHedz Technologies Advanced Perimeter Security Solutions you can now monitor and track both personnel and vehicle movements as well as equipment power status on your secured premises.  Offering the latest solutions from ARA, you can use either a manned terminal in a secured environment, or keep the monitoring station mobile by using the latest smart phone and tablet technology.  Inform us of the size of your facilty and desired coverage areas and we will do the rest.  We will work with you to ensure that your locations are secured and ready for whatever operations you need to undertake.

Knowing that there is a threat and where it's located is only half of the situation.  You need to be able to defend against, and stop the threat as quickly and safely as possible without risk to personnel or equipment.  With this in mind, CyberHedz Technologies is in the process of acquiring an FFL so that we can be your one stop shop for security.  Stay tuned for our big announcement!




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