The Vitruvian

A CyberHedz Technologies custom product, bridging the gap between humanity and robotics by providing a centralized interface and control board.
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The Vitruvian is a custom hardware computer system that was created intended for humanoid robots but can easily be incorporated into any robotics platform you desire. Instead of incorporating multiple 8-bit AVR microcontrollers, the Vitruvian reduces the overall footprint of the electronics sub-systems and allows for easy expansion and upgrades. At the heart of the ACU is an Altera Cyclone V SoC FPGA which will provide the signals and gather data from the sensors. Additionally, on the main board, there are breakouts for all of the required servos, as well as power distribution for them. By using a FPGA in place of AVR's, you will get the performance, stability, and expandability of custom  advanced circuitry, all while maintaining low power consumption.


The Cortex Board gets installed in the skull and provides telemetry.


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ACU Board


Altera Cyclone V FPGA & SoC

7x 3-pin ports for Dynamixel Servo TTL communication (RS232)

2x I2C channels (one user-mappable, one predefined for the Cortex Board)

2x UART Channels (one user-mappable, one predefined for GPS)

1x USB port (Virtual COM port)

1x PWM port for MaxSonic Ultrasonic Sensor

More I/O TBA




Cortex Board


Venus 638FLPx GPS receiver with SMA connector (UART)

More I/O TBA

Balance Board


More I/O TBA

Respiratory Board


More I/O TBA

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